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EndoScopic Baskets FI-786-704

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Product description

Item Name: Endoscopic Baskets
Item Description

To ensure the functionality and long life of delicate microsurgery instruments is recommended to place these in our boxes with a silicone system for washing & sterilization and to eliminate metal to metal contact (Silicone to protect ,Burr free ,Lock clip ,Electropolished ).Perforated is made with the objective of reprocessing contaminated flexible endoscopes. Perforated sidewalls allow desired permeation of ethylene oxide assuring through open during sterilization.


Size:5.5 x 5.5 x 1.2mm

Mesh Type Spotted

Shee 304(ASTM)

Material 304(ASTM)

Surface Finish:Mirrors, luster, Satin, brushed and colored

Cutting Laser Cut

Stackable All trays are stackable


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