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Wire Mesh Tray FI-786-1001

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Item Name Wire Mesh Tray
Item Description

Designed to contain a wide variety of instruments during washing, sterilization, storage, and transportation. Mesh size is approximately 5mm x 5mm. Compatible with steam and gas plasma sterilization. Perfect for Storage Fine surgical instruments are far too valuable to be left unprotected. SteriTrays sterilization trays and wire baskets have excellent structural integrity and are suitable for handling, washing, sterilizing, and storing small microdissection and Surgical Sterilization.

Made with premium 304, non-corrosive & virgin stainless steel.All trays are made very precise Using CNC laser cutting, Nibbling & CNC bending.Electropolished .A vast range of sizes and designs to hold a wide range of surgical and dental instruments.All sharp exposed edged are made dull & soft to avoid any injury during handling and sterilization. Easy maintenance and repairs.Wide range of instruments management silicon & metal inserts in distinct colors and fixtures.Burr free to protect wraps and prevent injury .Each tray must pass our rigorous quality testing parameter.
Extreme long life: Our Sterilization trays can withstand 1000+ cycles in several types of sterilization processes without losing their shape,
functionality, and aesthetics. * Manufactured in 304 non magnet knitted / woven spot-welded solid wire mesh available in 1.2 mm, 1.0 mm & .75 mm diameter. Baskets allow maximum flow of sterilization chemicals, steam flow, and heat.
Burr-free to protect wraps, and eliminates user injuries. Meets all requirements of automatic washing and sterilization of all kinds of instruments. Available in drop and holding handle. Baskets are stackable.
Ensure you for safe storage of your high-quality instruments retaining the integrity of valuable instruments ensuring longer life and thus cost-effective by improving product life cycle. Structure and dimension optimize for excellent washing.
Silicone Stands / cradle permits excellent cleaning and dryings with minimum surface contacts and maximum instrument exposure sterilization. The silicone strips? unique designs provide protected hold in the container to avoid unwanted movements of instruments. Smooth round corner. Single frame, double frame, and detention frame lids available with locks ( optional ). Side perforated for maximum steam penetration. High resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. All trays and baskets made of totally acid-resistant steel.

Material:Stainless Steel 304
Surface Finish:Mirrors, luster, Satin, brushed and colored
Cutting Laser Cut
Stackable:All trays are stackable
Mesh Type Woven
Mesh Size 5X5 mm
Mesh Wire 1.2 mm(18-swg)
Corner Rounded Corner
Polish Electro Polish Protection Strip


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